• Three Phase (oil cooled) 3 KVA – 2000 KVA

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    High efficiency & Fast response, Wide input voltage range & Audiable alarm for trip conditions, 99.99% failure proof control circuit, No over under, shoots and hunting, Built in bypass switch, Less active component avoids failure ratings, Variable speed high torque dc servo motor proportionally controls corrections. Input and Output Low and High Voltage protections, Phase rotation/single phasing preventer,Electronic overload protection

    Type Three phase (Oil Cooled)
    Make Gravity
    Rated capacity 3KVA – 150 KVA
    Nominal voltage 205-270 single phase 360-465 volts three phase
    Output voltage 380/400/415 V AC in three phase
    Configuration Star/Delta or Star/Star
    Servo motor drive model -A AC Servo Synchronous Motor – Small
    Servo motor model-B DC servo motor
    System Unbalanced/balanced type
    Response time Above 60 milli. sec.
    Correction speed 60 V/sec
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