Battery Overview

Large backup power supplies for call centers, grid energy, and off-grid home electrical power systems frequently employ deep discharge – capable wet cell stand – by(stationary) batteries. In the event of a power outage, sump pumps are powered by  lead – acid batteries as well as emergency illumination. Lead – acid batteries with valve regulation are incapable of electrolyte spills. Electric scooters, electric wheelchairs, electrified bicycles, marine application, battery electric vehicles or micro hybrid vehicles, and motorcyclists all use them as backup power supplies. They are also used in backup power supplies for alarm and smaller computer systems(especially in UPSs).

Exide Batteries

Tubular Inverter Batteries

Models :

  1. EXIDE INVATUBULAR( Suitable for Long Life )
    Range : 150AH, 180AH , 200AH, 230AH
  2. EXIDE INVAMASTER( Suitable for Deep Discharge) 
    Range : 100Ah,115AH,150AH,180Ah,200AH
  3. EXIDE INVA HOMZ( Suitable for long power outages)
    Range : 80Ah, 100AH, 120AH, 135AH, 150Ah,180Ah
  4. EXIDE INVA BRITE( superior power backup)
    Range  : 150AH,180Ah

Flate Plate Inverter Batteries


Range : 88AH, 100AH, 120AH, 138AH, 150AH, 180AH , 200AH

Quanta Batteries

Range : 12V 007 AH, 12V 026 AH, 12V 042 AH, 12V 084 AH, 12V 110 AH, 12V 160 AH, 12V 018 AH, 12V 028 AH, 12V 065 AH, 12V 100 AH, 12V 130 AH, 12V 200 AH