AMC Service

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) Overview

Worried what about the services and repair after the products are bought? There is a solution to all your worries. We at GravityIndia Technologies PVT LTD provide Annual Maintenance Contract(AMC) to all our customer after sales which helps us to keep a healthy relationship with our customers and to get feedback and improve ourselves. We provide Annual Maintenance Contract(AMC) services to our customers every year from the sale of the product. We have a service team  engineers who are highly experienced in the industry. Preventive Maintenance(PM) is also include in the services given by us.

UPS and Batteries AMC

We provide after sales services like Annual Maintenance Contract(AMC) for UPS and Batteries to our customers. We give 100% agreement to repair and maintain the UPS and Batteries at the customer site with the help of our service team in the specified time.

Stabilizer AMC

We provide Annual Maintenance Contract(AMC) services for stabilizers to our customers in and out of Bangalore. We deliver Annual Maintenance Contract(AMC)  for both oil cooled stabilizers and air cooled stabilizers and we help to choose which one is the best for your organization upto 500KVA.

Diesel Generator(DG) AMC

we provide Diesel Generator(DG) to all our customers up to 500KVA. We make sure B-check, C-Check and D-check is completed within the specified period with our experienced engineers with high working qualities in and out of Bangalore. Due to these checks done on a regular basis the life DG is longer so the customers are satisfied as it is cost effective.


We provide AMC services to our AC customers after the sale is done. We carry out the services for various types of AC such as split AC, Casette AC,  towel AC, chiller AC, air handling unit(AHU), ductable and package. Our service team takes maximum care of the AC and ensure that the AC is working in it’s best condition each time they provide the service.


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