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Data Center Solution Overview

Data center is a building, a specific area within a building, or a collection of buildings used to house computer systems and related components, like telecommunications and storage systems, is referred to as a data center. Due to the importance of IT operations for business continuity, they typically contain redundant or backup infrastructure and components for power supply, data communication connections, environmental controls (such as air conditioning, fire suppression), and other security systems. An industrial-sized enterprise, a huge data center uses as much electricity as a small town. Gravity India is the top data center solution providers in Bangalore. 

Using integrated solution from Vertiv in Bangalore, such as prefabricated rack, row, aisle, and modular data center solution, built in flexible designs based on tested configurations. we’re here to assist you in integrating and standardizing the design of your systems across all of your location so that replication, design, implementation, and management will be simpler.

➨ Data Center Solution offers services to the customers based on affordable rates in various plans as per lease period and requirements.
➨ Data Center Solution offers robust software and hardware ecosystem.
➨ Data Center Solution offers great system performance by distributing load across cluster nodes.
➨ The users or customers need not have to worry about hiring people for maintenance in order to manage the data centers.
➨ The data centers offer instant scalability based on changes in capacity requirements by customers.
➨ The services are available always and without any failover due to backup of systems.
➨ Wholesale Colocation: In this type of service, customer can lease entire data center or larger portion and will have high level of control over the facility and equipment’s. The lease period will be in several years.
➨ Retail Colocation: In this type of service, multiple customers can lease the facility on shared basis. They will have less control over the facility and equipment. The lease period will be about 1 year or 2 years.
➨ Hosting: In this type, multiple customers can lease server capacity in shared manner. Moreover data center service provider owns the servers and customers will have little control over the facility. Costs are very low.