MEP Mech

Key concepts covered include:

  •  Introduction to HVAC, VCR Cycle, Psychometric Properties and Classification of AC

  • Building Survey and Heat Load estimation using carrier E-20 Method and using HAP 4.90

  • Introduction to AutoCAD interface

  • Ducting Theory, Duct Design and Duct Drafting

  • Quantity Survey and Duct Measurement

  • Fan Selection

  • Secondary Piping and Chillers

  • Ventilation

  • Introduction to Fire fighting system, Active and Passive system

  • Fire class, fire triangle and tetrahedron classification of fire fighting system

  • Introduction to Sprinkler system

  • Design criteria and drafting of firefighting system in AutoCAD interface

  • Wet pipe and dry pipe System

  • Hydraulic analysis, jockey , Electrical and Diesel Pump sizing

  • Gas based Fire fighting