Basic rack PDU

A basic rPDU is as simple as it sounds: a reliable power strip that distributes power to your critical IT infrastructure. They are cost effective entry-level solutions meeting a broad range of requirements to keep your equipment up and running.

Manufacturers provide a variety of features on basic power distribution units to ensure high availability and future proof functionality. For example, you can purchase a basic PDU with locking receptacles to minimize the risk of accidentally unplugging equipment. Additionally, some manufactures offer upgradeable models designed to add intelligence, if business needs change.

Generally speaking though, the basic rPDU does not provide any insight into equipment power usage and can not be accessed over the network.

This option is ideal for small server rooms that are in close proximity to your IT staff, though wouldn’t be recommended for larger, mission-critical server rooms or data centers, given their inability to be monitored or managed remotely.

Metered rack PDU

Metered rPDUs provide the same reliable power distribution as basic rPDUs but provide users with local power consumption data via a local display. The local display provides key power utilization metrics (current, voltage, power factor, etc.) to give users insight into equipment power usage for future adds, moves, and changes.

Some metered rack PDUs are available with enhanced features such as a visible light communication (VLC) allowing users to scan the digital display using a mobile application to gather valuable data to help with capacity planning and electrical load balancing.

Just like with the basic rPDU, some manufactures offer upgradeable metered power distribution units to provide flexibility to add remote monitoring without removing power from the connected devices.

Metered rPDUs are recommended for use in highly secure data center environments that must keep their power infrastructure air-gapped from the local network or for facilities that foresee an eventual need for remote monitoring.

Monitored rack PDU

Monitored rPDUs provide all the same features and functionality of the basic and metered power distribution units with the extra bonus of remote monitoring over the network.

Users are able to remotely access real-time power consumption metrics – down to the outlet – via a secure web interface so data center staff can monitor critical power utilization metrics in real time, regardless of their location. This continuous flow of information is useful in several key ways:

  • Automatic alerts can be triggered the second a user-defined threshold is exceeded.
  • Power usage can be tracked with much greater precision, improving billing accuracy.
  • Load balancing is more precise, limiting the amount of stranded power without risking shorts.
  • Environmental monitoring can be added to monitor critical environmental conditions.

Another key feature to consider is IP aggregation. built-in software features that allow up to 50 rPDUs to be monitored from a single IP address with self-configuration of downstream devices significantly reducing deployment time.

Switched rack PDU

Switched rPDUs represent the modern zenith of data center power distribution. They provide all of the same features and functionality as the monitored rack PDUs, with one key exception: they can be remotely managed.

Authorized data center personnel can turn on, turn off, or reboot unresponsive equipment remotely through an intuitive web interface. They can also limit power usage at the outlet to avoid accidental overloads. This provides users with ultimate control over their data center power usage, efficiency, and availability.

Switched rPDUs are highly recommended for any IT deployment whether that be a large-scale data center or a small remote location. They are especially valuable for users needing a quick and easy way to remotely reboot critical equipment by significantly reducing or eliminating the cost of deploying technicians to simply power cycle unresponsive servers or network gear.

Universal PDU

The Universal PDU is a versatile rack power distribution unit featuring a universal input and detachable Facility Side Cable (sold separately). The Universal PDU supports common AC power configurations ranging from 16A-60A and 120V-415V. Available in basic to intelligent models featuring advanced remote power and environmental monitoring and optional outlet level switching. The universal design simplifies critical IT infrastructure deployments by allowing a single model to be installed globally.