Rental Overview

Confused whether to Buy the product or Not? Here is the simple solution we at GravityIndia Technologies PVT LTD, provide products for rent which is hassle free and is cost effective. we provide all our products for rental purposes in and out of Bangalore(All over Karnataka). We have being providing rental services for the past 15+ years to our customers and they are satisfied with our service.

UPS Rental

We offer rental UPS to our customers in and out of Bangalore up to 500KVA. We provide solution of rental UPS for customers who are in need of the service for a short period which is benefit for the customers as they can avoid buying the product and instead can rent the UPS. Rental UPS helps in emergency situation when the existing UPS is not in working condition.

Batteries Rental

We provide rental batteries up to 200AH with rack and interlinks. The batteries we offer have long life which can be used for long period of time without any impediment. we provide service in and out of Bangalore. we deliver services to all our customers who are corporate in different industries and many more.

Diesel Generator(DG) Rental

We provide Diesel Generator(DG) on rent to all our customers be it coporates, different industries,small and large organizations up to 500KVA. We provide  DG for rent for the period required by the customers be it hourly, weekly, quarterly and annually.

AC Rental

We offer AC for rent in and out of Bangalore in a friendly budget. Our customers like corporates, residencies, industries can rent their AC from us when they are in need until the period they want which is a cost effective method when they don’t want to in a new AC.