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Power Quality Analysis Solution
Ensure Optimal Performance and Efficiency with Our Power Quality Analysis Solution

Power quality analysis solutions offer a range of benefits to facilities and businesses. By measuring and monitoring the facility for power quality and electrical parameters, the solution can help identify any potential issues and provide insights into how to improve the overall performance of the facility. It also helps ensure that the facility is safe from electrical events that could cause damage or harm to people and equipment. Implementing a power quality analysis solution can be a proactive measure for improving operational efficiency, reducing energy consumption and costs, and prolonging equipment life. This can be particularly important for facilities that rely heavily on electrical equipment and systems. In addition, power quality analysis solutions can help facilities meet accreditation standards such as NABH and NAAC FMS. By ensuring that power quality is within the required range, facilities can increase their chances of achieving these important accreditations.

Overall, power quality analysis solutions can increase awareness for facility safety and performance, while providing actionable insights that can help businesses make informed decisions and optimise their operations.

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Energy Audit Services
Power Check
Power Quality Inspection & Analysis
    User Survey
    Energy mapping (Kva/KW)
    Total Harmonics Distortion (V/I)
    Sags & Swells
    Dips & Surges
    AC Power Parameters
    3 Phase Load Imbalances
    Reactive Power in use (Kvar)
Power Study
Thermography Study
    Locating Detoriated Connections
    Inductive Heating if any
    Cable Healthiness
    Breaker Thermal Condition
    Sags & Swells
    Breaker / Cable Terminations & Tightness
    Hotspots Identifications
Earth Pit Testing & Socket Testing
    Earth Pit Resistance Measurement
    Earth Pit Re-Conditioning
    Socket Testing for Earth Fault
    Polarity Test
Power Audit
Electrical Audit
    Physical Inspection of the Facility for IS, IER standards.
    Code of Practice
    Identifying Electrical Hazardous Area Classification
    Assessment of Electrical Distribution System
    Assessment of Protection Devices
    Assessment of Record Management and PM Schedule
    Conduct RCA if any event occurred.
    Assessment of branch safety (MCCB, RCBO & RCB)
    Review of test results of earth resistance & oil filtration
    Evaluating lighting protection & earthing system
Study Report
Data Analysis & Report
    Comprehensive analysis report with trend graphs of voltage, power, current & THD
    Thermography analysis report with thermal images of points with hotspot readings and recommendations
How It Works?!

At Gravity India, we understand the importance of maintaining safe and efficient electrical systems. That's why we offer high-quality power quality analysis services to help you achieve these goals. Our team of experts has years of experience in measuring and monitoring your facility's power quality and electrical parameters.

Why Us!

At Gravity India, we are committed to providing the highest quality power quality analysis services to help you maintain safe and efficient electrical systems. Our team of experts has years of experience in measuring and monitoring your facility's power quality and electrical parameters. By doing so, we can help ensure that your facility is safe from electrical events and can provide proactive measures for operational efficiency. We can also help you meet the NABH and NAAC accreditation FMS standards, increasing awareness for facility safety. With our user survey and energy mapping services, we can help you identify areas of improvement and reduce energy costs. Our power quality inspection and analysis services include measuring total harmonics distortion, transients, sags and swells, dips and surges, AC power parameters, 3-phase load imbalances, and reactive power in use. Trust us to provide reliable solutions to meet your power quality needs.

Cost Effective
Our cost-effective solutions deliver reliable and efficient performance, helping you achieve your business goals while keeping your expenses under control.
Customer Service
We prioritise excellent customer service to ensure that our clients receive the best possible support and solutions for their needs. Your satisfaction is our priority.
Minimise Downtime
Reduce equipment downtime and increase productivity with our proactive maintenance and repair services, minimising disruptions to your operations.
Key Benifits
A power quality analysis helps to identify and solve electrical issues, improves efficiency, and ensures safety, which can save money in the long run. Our power quality analysis solution offers cost-effective and reliable services to help you achieve these benefits.
It is recommended to get a power quality inspection done at least once a year, or more frequently if there are any major changes or issues in the facility. Our power quality analysis solution offers flexible scheduling and customised inspection plans to meet your specific needs and requirements.
Yes, power quality analysis helps to ensure the safety and reliability of electrical systems, which can help meet accreditation standards such as NABH and NAAC. Our power quality analysis solution is designed to help you meet these standards and improve your facility's overall safety and efficiency.
By identifying and solving issues such as harmonic distortion and reactive power, power quality analysis can improve the efficiency of electrical systems, reducing energy waste and costs. Our power quality analysis solution offers in-depth analysis and recommendations to optimise your facility's energy efficiency and minimise downtime.
Any facility or equipment that relies on electricity can benefit from power quality analysis, including HVAC systems, data centers, manufacturing equipment, and more. Our power quality analysis solution is versatile and customisable to fit your specific needs and goals, ensuring reliable and effective results.
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